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The Chalk Walk is a unique opportunity to watch artists draw right on the street! Using pastels, artists may choose to reproduce existing artworks or create their own in their designated square.  Individuals and families with no training in art are especially encouraged to participate.

WHO:  Calling All Artists Young & Old!
WHAT:  Chautauqua Chalk Walk
WHEN:  Saturday of the Festival Weekend
WHERE:  Elm Street to First Street


Important dates:
Saturday of the Festival: Chalking begins as early as artists want to start, prizes awarded at 5 pm*
*Prizes may be awarded sooner than 5 pm Saturday, depending on the possibility of rain. 
Judging takes place at 5 pm on Saturday.  The Chalk Walk WILL take place RAIN or SHINE on Elm Street.  No refunds!  Chalkers are welcome to bring a pop-up canopy to protect them from the rain if necessary.  Chalkers are welcome to bring their own extra chalk pastels.


Square Prices and Deadlines:
4’x6′ square:    $25, includes 48 ct pastel
Squares are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we work hard to place each chalker near friends and family, if desired.



0-8 Best Piece Prize: T-Shirt

9-14 Best Pieces Prize: T-Shirt

Prizes are awarded to first, second, and third place overall winners. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges from the community.

1st place prize: $100, Chautauqua T-shirt and poster

2nd place prize: Chautauqua poster and T-Shirt

3rd place prize:  Chautauqua T-shirt

Rules of participation:

  1. Only NON oil-based pastels are to be used.

  2. Madison Chautauqua reserves the right to deem any subject matter as inappropriate for this all-ages, non-commercial event. Inappropriate subject matter includes hateful political statements, political campaign/endorsement messages, commercial advertisement (statements or logos by non-sponsoring organizations) or subject matter not suitable for children. Chalk Walk artists that create squares with any of the following subject matter may be asked to stop and/or paint over their square:

  • Violence, pornography, or blood and gore

  • Hateful imagery or inflammatory messages toward any individual or groups of people

  • Logos, websites, or commercial messages in any non-sponsored square

  1. Madison Chautauqua reserves the right to limit the number of people working on any space at any given time to two, with the exception of those who have registered for family spaces.

  2. Inevitably, some Chalkers will be placed on a square with cracks or other street blemishes. This is a fact of the event, and we will most likely not be able to move you to another square.

  3. Non-compliance with these rules may result in removal from the event.

  4. Artists may not play loud music during the event as there is live entertainment nearby in the Lanier lawn

Tips for a great Chalk Walk:

  • Bring a hat of some kind as well as sun block to provide protection from sunburn and lessen the sun’s glare as you work.

  • Kneepads or a cushion of some kind is highly recommended.

  • Commercial “sidewalk chalk” is not recommended for drawing on the street. You may purchase additional pastels from us the weekend of the event if you need more.

  • Event artists usually use a light color to sketch in the design before beginning to color in the image. Sketching the design first helps to insure the image is accurate and proportional. Additional pastels can be purchased just about anywhere that art or educational supplies are sold. Madison Chautauqua will have a limited amount of pastels available for purchase during the event.

  • Create an image that you will be able to complete and have fun with during the day of the Chalk Walk. You will want to be able to move around to see all the other artists at work, but if you have too much detail you may not be able to get away from your work.

Have fun and be prepared to leave covered with chalk!

Thanks for submitting!

To Complete Registration

Bring or Mail Registration Fee to:

Visit Madison

601 West First Street

Madison, IN 47250

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